Word List Entry for байх
  1. Verb. To be, to exist. Infinitive root form of a common "be verb" roughly equivalent to English is, are, am, be; etc. Generally used when asking questions about the future.
    • Та маргааш гэртээ байх уу? [Will you be at home tomorrow?]
    • Батболд тэнд байх уу? [Will Batbold be there?]
    • Хэн тэнд байх вэ? [Who will be there?]
    • Чи хаана байх уу? [Where will you be?]
    • байна [future tense]
    • байгаа [progressive tense]
    • байдаг [present habitual tense]
    • байцгаана [plural future tense]
    • байсан [past tense]
    • байгаагүй [negative past tense]
    • бай [verb root and imperative tense]
  2. Modal verb. Probably, most likely. Used at the end of statements in conjunction with verbs to express the meaning that an action is highly probable or likely.
    • Би энэ жил Монгол руу буцаж явах байх. [I'll probably return to Mongolia this year.]
    • Батболд мөнгийг нь хулгайлсан байх. [Batbold most likely stole the money.]
    • Цай саванд байгаа байх. [There's likely tea in the thermos.]
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