Mongolian Language Resources

Studying Mongolian is both a frustrating and rewarding experience. Frustrating because it is often difficult to access affordable, high quality materials to provide a foundation or supplement for one's efforts in learning the language. Rewarding because Mongolian society is so open and welcoming that anyone who makes an effort to learn the language will always find opportunities to use what they have learned. There are relatively few Mongolian speakers in the world, but those who speak the language are always very happy to invite a new member into the ranks.

These language resources are born from both the frustration and reward of learning Mongolian. They are intended to be easily accessible, free, and, hopefully, high quality resources that anyone can use to become a proficient speaker of the Mongolian Language.*

May your experience learning Mongolian be rewarding and, with these resources to draw upon, a bit less frustrating.

Site Features

Each lesson is designed around specific grammar points with topical support material. New vocabulary and useful expressions are introduced that relate to the objectives of each lesson.

In order to facilitate rapid understanding and to ensure lesson pages remain uncluttered, translations for new vocabulary are not provided within the lesson text. However, you can call up any Mongolian word's translation by clicking on a word with your screen cursor or tapping it with your finger on a tablet or smart phone. All Mongolian words introduced in the lesson materials are also directly accessible using the Mongolian Word List.

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Each lesson also contains exercises to practice the key points. At the bottom of each exercise is a link to the answers (if any). Use this to check your accuracy in completing the exercises.

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* The focus is on the Khalkha dialect which is the official language of the country of Mongolia.