Word List Entry for гэр
  1. Noun. Traditional Mongolian dwelling constructed of lattice walls, ceiling poles, and two structural support poles and covered in felt and canvas. Circular in shape, the size of a гэр is usually measured in "walls" (хана) which counts the number of lattice wall sections tied together. Standard size is 5 walls, or roughly 17 meters in circumference, 1.5 meters high at the walls, and 2.5 meters high at the center. The гэр entrance should generally face south to south-east.
    • Манай гэр таван ханатай. [Our ger has five walls.]
    гэр гэр гэр гэр гэр гэр
  2. Noun. Home. General term for where one lives regardless of type of housing.
    • Гэр бүтэн, гэдэс цатгалан. [proverb. Home is full, stomach is full.]
    • Гэр бүл [Family]
    • гэрийн [possessive]
    • гэртээ [dative case possessive]
    • гэрээ [direct object possessive]
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