Soum Name List Generator

Select the criterion by which to generate a list of soum names and the maximum size of the list to return.

About the Soum Name List Generator Widget

Believe it or not, it is difficult to find a comprehensive list of soum names. The data used in this widget was compiled from several sources, including the Mongolian version of Wikipedia, Google Maps, and various other websites. The database contains 329 soum (county) names in 21 aimags (provinces). These numbers can be disputed depending on one's definition of soum and aimag. The definition used here is "soums and aimags that were listed in Wikipedia and confirmed to exist with Google Maps."

Each list criteria above is self-explanatory, but there are a few things to note. The words "ар" and "хан" were removed from the "Common Words in Soum Names" substring list to make the results more comprehensible. The function that counts word substrings, for example, counts "архангай" and "хар" as both containing the word "ар" when it only makes sense to do so for the former. Removing the words seemed a lot easier than trying to create a better function.

The "Closest" and "Furthest" lists calculate distances using a Haversine function which measures the shortest arc on an idealized sphere. Obviously, the Earth is not an idealized sphere, so there is some error with the calculation. In addition, the coordinates for the measurements also have inherent error. The distances should be treated as approximate.